Deuce 7 Skin of the Night Letterpress Art Prints on Sale NOW

At long last Deuce 7's newest art print is on sale from Art Minion. To see more of his work go to

The Details from Art Minion

"Skin of the Night"

Greetings freaks!
We are going to unleash another savage Deuce 7 ass whoopin' with this new letterpress on 100% Cotton Cover Weight. Pure joy - this paper rocks!

What we have on tap is 13 unique versions ready for the pickin'

Each print is a signed and numbered. Editions of 27.

Sizes: 17" x 23"

Color choices are as follows:
(Paper / Ink)
Red / Metallic Silver
Red / Metallic Gold
Light Pink / Pink
Light Pink / Purple
White / Black
Wasabi / Lime
Wasabi / Purple
Wasabi / Pink
Tangerine / Silver
Tangerine / Gold
Chocolate / Gold
Chocolate / Silver
Chocolate / Copper

IF YOU WANT A FEW OF THESE - just hit up our PayPal with $35.00/each noting color choice.
Shipping is on us! (make sure you are clear on your color choice on the PayPal transaction)
PayPal $35 to easy as pie.