Goodbye GASSED. Hello CHIPP and JACK Squadt Specimens

... within about 4 minutes, and one hundred pieces of GASSED went up in cyber-smoke and found themselves new "homes" ... at the end of the buying-day, no one's gonna be waiting on for you - because once the floodgates are open and items get listed online - there is no grace. "Pause" and you'll be left empty-carted. Your money is only as good as fast as you can click. "Luck" be elusive, while "Persistence" and "Focus" would be the goal, perhaps? But no, I dare not say I understand your collective pains (I once did tho) ... and can but only congratulate those who had scored a solid! :)

Will the next Squadt-set go as fast? Or even faster? Mark your calendars now for a tentative June 15th 2009 (TBC). And bookmark the URL: