Multiple Personalities 2 Preview : MeSmithy for LIFT Gallery

MeSmithy is bringing the much-needed (or perhaps much-feared) fun of leather into the designer toy world with her recently revealed stitched-together-all-Michelle-Pfeiffer-Catwoman-style custom toys. In a genre that’s employed everything from wood to Perler beads with diverse success, it’s pretty great that we’re finally seeing some serious leather on the scene.

MeSmithy’s sub to the upcoming Multiple Personalities show depicts a shark with some kind of species confusion - or perhaps it’s a bunny with aggression issues. Not only is this Labbit encased in perfectly form-fitting leather, but the guy’s cig also lights up for an extra dose of awesome. Either way, there’s a duality of personality that can’t be escaped.

This finely crafted insanity will hit at Royal Oak, MI’s LIFT Gallery this weekend.



Back by popular demand, LIFT hosts an open-format art exhibit featuring vinyl and plush toys as well as canvas wall art. The show features 50 artists and graphic designers from around the world. If you can't make the opening, the show runs through June 4th.