NEW Eminem - 3 AM video watch it

Eminem’s polysyllabic rhyme patterns, witty wordplay and shocking subject matter has transformed him from local Detroit battle MC to a world wide superstar and a Hip Hop phenomenon. However, it seemed that at some point Marshal Mather’s rap alter egos took over his real life persona, miring the MC in battles with addiction and musical mediocrity for a few albums. Determined to show that his twisted brain is still a humming engine, Em leaves the goofy celebrity mocking at the door for the second single “3 AM” from his aptly titled upcoming album Relapse. The stone faced serious single and video teeters on horror core imagery as Eminem paints vivid pictures of horrific murders over spooky Dr. Dre piano clangs, accompanied by a video that would rival a Wes Craven film.