New Poster by James Flames The Broomstars

Titled The Rebel James Flames creates a straight forward gigposter.

From James
this one is another poster for a Local Showcase show at the Orange Peel. as usual, i first went and listened to tunes from each of the bands. i'm already familiar with the Broomstars, cool band that i've seen a few times - they put on a great show - but the other two bands are pretty dope too. i let the tunes play while i sketched, and i came up with two strong ideas - one being a little more abstract and weird, and another being more straightforward and eyecatching. i went with the latter, and started to develop it.

i really wanted the pose to feel right - i wanted the shifting weight in the waist and the motion of the hands to be felt when you look at it. so kendra took a couple of photos while i posed, in my best 'fonzie' pose, and i used it for a reference. i wasn't able to get my body to do the exact things i wanted, but it worked as a starting point and i exagerrated as i drew.

Check out his website here and the posters he is selling here. He had these for sale on gigposters and should be putting them back up. If not just shoot him an email if you want one.