After a hiatus of several years, Post Neo Explosionism (PNE) returns with new releases and artwork. Post Neo Explosionism is a collaborative founded by three mainstays of rock poster art: Justin Hampton, Emek and Jermaine Rogers. They came together in an unprecedented union of talents that began with a group showing of their works in the fall of 2002 at Seattle's famed Showbox Theater. Here, the seeds of PNE were sown. The three artists soon elevated their creative experiment to a new level. From 2002-2005, PNE helped pioneer the idea of the 'poster series' by creating prints for each of the dates of tours by Queens Of The Stone Age, Audioslave, and Built To Spill (respectively).


STICKERS: Available Friday May 8, 2009, at a random time between 11AM and 2PM Pacific Time, details below.

PNE'S FIRST-EVER COLLABORATIVE PRINT: Available later this month; keep your eye on PNE3.com for details.
Justin Hampton, Emek and Jermaine Rogers each have been working in the field of 'pop art' since the early '90s. They have over 30 years of professional experience between them and are regarded as leaders in the field of modern rock and roll poster art.

Now, PNE has reunited to release an amazing selection of die-cut vinyl stickers. PNE Sticker Series #1 will be available for order on Friday, May 8, 2009. The introductory series contains 21 striking designs (7 from each artist), as well as the new PNE3 logo sticker. These high-quality, full-color, screen-printed stickers have an average size of 6 inches at their longest dimensions. Finally, you can share your love of the artwork in other places besides your wall!

Stickers will be available for order individually or in a limited edition collector's set which contains all 21 stickers, the PNE logo sticker, and 3 mini art prints (one from each artist) signed and numbered.

This month will also see the release of the first ever collaborative art print by PNE. The screen-print will be very limited, signed and numbered by all 3 artists and only available from PNE3.com. New merchandise will also be revealed in the next few weeks and months, including t-shirts and all-new collaborative art prints and print sets.

PNE Sticker Series #1 will be available for order via PayPal from the PNE web site's new online shopping cart: http://pne3.com/buy.html this Friday, May 8th at a random time between 11AM and 2PM Pacific Time (2PM-5PM Eastern). Absolutely no pre-sales will occur.

The upcoming PNE art print, tentatively titled '27', will debut in the next PNE email update.

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