Todd Slater on sale info for 5 new posters

Scroll down for pics of 3 of the new posters.

Here is the update from Todd

This Thursday, May 7, at 2PM CST 5 new prints will go up for sale. You can view the images and the dimensions on my site and on gigposters. All prints are $30 with the exception of Tallest Man on Earth ($25). Variants for Mogwai and Kings of Leon will go up on Thursday as well. Here are the specs:

Ben Harper & Relentless 7 - This print was done for Ben's ACL show and was commissioned by my good friend Mark Pedini who works for PBS. Ben Harper's new band (has yet to release album) is a departure from his other work and is a little louder than what BH normally plays. The idea for the snake with the white tongue came from the title of his new album: White Lies, Dark Times. The style came from pixel posters and arcade console panels...that's the feeling I wanted for this. I only have 50 of these prints to sell so I expect them to go pretty quickly.

Death Cab For Cutie - The image is inspired by DCFC song, a Diamond and a Tether and is a metaphor for a doomed relationship. In this case the diamond and tether would resemble a ball and chain.

Mogwai - Awhile back Vanity Fair (yes, I read that mag) ran a series of photos with women in black veils (most likely for a funeral) that I really liked. I thought that printing a veil as a separate transparent layer could make an interesting start to a graphic. Here's the pic that inspired the print. I wanted the image to carry some of the weight that Mogwai's music has.

Kings of Leon - An interview I read for KOL said that their newest single, Sex on Fire is about people who have sex with each other despite hating each other and the image was built from that idea. My friend John Anderson thought the image represented a kind of teenage, animal type lust -which is also very fitting. I have to also thank Rob Jones for giving me the idea for this image.

Tallest Man on Earth - This image is inspired by folk art. I was going for a patchwork look, so the illustration is made up of triangles. TMOE has gotten alot of Bob Dylan comparisons and is worth checking out if you haven't heard him yet.

All five of these prints are in the 2009 sub. The first tubes will be shipped out this week. If you haven't paid yours off yet now is the time. There's 10 prints in this first tube and you can see a running count of what's in the 2009 sub on my site here.

Look for upcoming prints for: Flight of the Conchords, An official LOST print for ABC, Ghostland Observatory, David Byrne, Gene Ween, NIN, Jane's Addiction and...