Grace From Falling x Fuko by Todd Bratrud

From Todd Bratrud

ill try keep this short and to the point, altho there are a few points so ill just do my best…

Grace From Falling is a project that myself and Shingo (the eyes and ears of BRLSQ in Japan) have started as a vehicle to make handfuls of odd ideas into actual physical objects that you can buy and love for the rest of your life! sound good? yup, you are right, it IS good.

first thing out the gates is this Poster i designed for our friend Fuko who because of her modeling has become a bit of an icon in Japan and soon to be the world.


if you already get the BRLSQ news letter (if not, see above and get you some), you know all the details, but just to be safe, here’s everything you need to know…

Going on sale this weekend ONLY IN JAPAN is Todd Bratrud’s art print commissioned for Japanese model and mega-celebrity FUKO. The first in Grace From Falling’s “Idol x Art” project, the posters were printed here at Burlesque and signed both by Bratrud and by Fuko herself.

5 color print on French Parchtone Relic Gold paper.
63 x 45.8cm
¥6,800 + ¥840 shipping in Japan (¥2,500 international)

For purchase information, visit