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Working with Idols

I've never been one to be drawn to American idol, but I do understand what having idols is all about. This Spring I got to work with two of my idols, Stanley Mouse and Jay Blakesberg. Both have been inspirations to many artists and photographers other than myself. In fact I would say that these two guys have inspired generations of creative folks like me. I think the best compliment is for your work to inspire others and inspire me they do.

This little adventure began when my friend Shady Backflash aka Matthew Rick of the Blotterati approached me about taking Stanley's "I need a Brain" blotter art and doing an homage of the Obey Obama poster. He wanted to call it "DOSE". We both got a chuckle out of the idea so he sent a rough idea to Stanley. Stanley wrote back and thought it would be a cool print and said "go for it". Now, let me stop right here and explain what it means when one of your idols, an American pop art icon and one of the people who basically inspired you to become an artist, wants to work with you. I was walking on air to say the least. It was hard keeping my "fanboy" in check. So I proceeded to work up the final art and print the piece. The print run turned out really nice. It is a 250 piece edition, 15"x22", three color screen print on French Speckletone Cream paper. I signed them and then shipped them off to Stanley for that magical hieroglyphic Mouse signature, which is a work of art on it's on. Upon completion some were shipped to Govinda Gallery in Washington, DC where Stanley was having a show. The rest have been shipped to The Faded Line for release on June 5th.
Now that Shady had made a Mouse collaboration possible, he approached photographer Jay Blakesberg about doing a print using some of his Dead photography. I was elated. Jay is an icon in the rock an entertainment photography world with his work gracing the covers of most all music related magazines including Rolling Stone. We decided to use a photo of Phil Lesh taken a few years ago and do a "ZONE" print to match the Mouse DOSE print. The print is signed by myself and Jay an is limited to a 225 piece edition.