New posters from Kevin Tong

From Kevin

Hi friends, I have been super busy since Mogwai, working on a project that is super special to me. I am a huge Jenny Lewis (and Rilo Kiley) fan and like doing whatever I can to help her out. I have done a poster for her before, but this time, I got to work with her (indirectly, she was on tour) to make a poster that she and I both love.
You can buy a poster here.

This is the first time I have printed on black paper, so if any of you were wondering, I included notes about the issues I had to deal with as a printer. Best of all, there’s video of me slam dunking a basketball.

Check out the photo set on my flickr
. It is as detailed as the Mogwai, but this time it shows drawing, videos of printing, and pictures from the show where I was front row to watch Jenny’s awesomeness. I have family that lives in San Francisco, so I decided to deliver the posters in person, making the 400 mile trip. Along the way and while in town, I had lots of adventures that include shooting pool, the Small Stakes, and a three pronged fork.

I also created an art print series called the Vacant Lot Series.

Each poster is 16 x 25 inches, with a one color image hand screen printed on black astro-bright paper. I drew individually on each one, so each one is totally unique from the other. There are 15 in this set. Click the image to see them all or go to my etsy to own one. They are $60 each. The regular Jenny Lewis posters are available on the etsy page as well if you want both and want to save on shipping.