INK ALCHEMY BOOK By Jeral Tidwell and Angry Blue

Angryblue and Jeral Tidwell have made a new INK ALCHEMY book... Over 40 pages of the latest and sickest illustrations from both of them. The books have a 3 color screen printed cover with aged parchment pages. Limited edition of only 650 books. Signed by both of them.
The first 100 orders will get 2 small screened art prints and a pile of stickers... after the prints are gone it's just a bad ass book and a pile of stickers, so it is still a killer deal.
Justin and Jeral will both have a dozen or so variant cover books ( the orange is mixed with some yellow and kinda cool looking ) that they will be listing with special deals in the
near future.

Available here ... or
$20 plus shipping