Invitational- Rob Jones brings us ‘St. Swithin’s Day’!

The Nakatomi Invitational cycle 1 wraps up with this print/ t-shirt combo from poster legend, Rob Jones! Rob Jones is the man behind, oh…just about EVERYTHING you’ve ever seen poster-related (and cd art, and packaging design, etc) that’s ever come from the White Stripes and Raconteurs.

“St. Swithin’s Day” is, as Rob puts it- “If I had ever got a chance to do a Roky Erickson poster, this would have been it.” Roky fans could decipher this triumph of a design, but the rest of us can just marvel. (Or you could read me breaking it down on the home page starting on the 2nd…) The print is an 18×24 4 color screen print, with metallic inks, and the shirt also features metallic gold.

This poster / shirt combo is up for sale RIGHT NOW and through the end of the month in the NAKATOMI INVITATIONAL section of the store!