Mike Giant Rebel 8 Startin Up a Posse shirt on sale now

A little zoom should hopefully have you seeing the half-tone REBEL EIGHT background.

So back in 2006 Rebel 8 did a shirt called STARTIN' UP A POSSE (named after one of his fav Anthrax songs). Within a day or so of the release it was apparent that it was the most popular REBEL8 tee ever. Naturally over the years they have definitely had more popular designs and it seems every season there is a new "most popular ever."
Allow me to be the first to reintroduce STARTIN' UP A POSSE, with a few little tweaks a la R8 Art Dept.
STARTIN' UP A POSSE is only available at REBEL8.COM. It is limited to 88 pieces. It is selling for $32.00 which is the same price as all their other t-shirts. Enjoy.