SDCC 09 – Kidrobot Exclusive’s Announced!

Spied on Kidrobot’s new online community magazing KRonikle, they released some vital information on what Kidrobot has coming for SDCC. This is also the first time in 3 years where the reveal the exclusives before the show even starts. Be sure to line up Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for some of these awesome releases from the Kidrobot booth (#4529).

Saturday, July 25th : Wood Labbit by Amanda Visell

What used to be Frank Kozik’s Labbit, has now been re-constructed into a 5” Wood Labbit by Amanda Visell. Limited to 300 pieces, this collaberative piece by Kozik and Visell will be available on Saturday, July 25th where both of these artist will be signing at the KR booth from 1-3PM. Each Wood Labbit will retail for $50 each, so be sure to get their early because these will fly off the shelve

Thursday, July 23rd : Fortune Dunny & Lucky Dunny by MR. Shane Jessup

This release has a lot of people excited. Based on MR. Shane Jessup’s series 4 dunny, Kidrobot will be releasing two 8” Lucky Cat Dunnys. One being gold (1000 pieces) and the other being an SDCC exclusive glossy black (200 pieces), each come with red envelope and gold coin necklace for $75. MR. Shane Jessup will be signing at the Kidrobot booth on Thursday, July 23rd from 11-1PM.

Friday, July 24th : Holy Roller Fatcaps by DEPH

It was just a few years ago where we saw an exclusive from Kidrobot and DEPH. Now we have a new design and new platform. The Holy Roller 6” Fatcap by DEPH makes it’s debut at SDCC in two colorways, Green (1200 pieces) and the SDCC exclusive Purple (200 pieces) and also comes with a DEPH poster for $75. DEPH will be on-site on Friday, July 24th signing at the KR booth from 11-1PM.