Merle and Mark

Merle signing the book that inspired her to do the movie

Gary Grimshaw, Carl Lundgren, Mark Arminski and Jagmo (aka Nels Jacobson)

Went to the screening of American Artifact the other night. You guys are going to love this movie when you see it. Mark Arminski was on hand with a display of his posters also. Merle Becker, the writer and director of the movie was on hand answering questions and signing anything people put in front of her.

Got a copy of the DVD and it is really cool. The extra disk features extended interviews with the artists and some that did not make the final cut. EMEK fans are really going to like it. There is a good segment with Jim Pollock also that the Phish fans are going to want to see. There is even a chapter on how to silk screen your own posters. One of the best segments was a Q&A with 7 of the artist after one of the screenings earlier this year.

Gary Grimshaw, Carl Lundgren and Jagmo were on hand also. Great night with a bunch of great artists.

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