Cameron Crowe Directed Pearl Jam Music Video “The Fixer”

The video was filmed at Seattle’s Shadowbox Theater, and aside from shooting the performance with green screens on the sides and background, projecting images of the crowd and or band, it’s a pretty typical video. Not that I’m expecting a music video to have a budget now-a-days. Not that I’ve seen a music video on MTV in years… As the music industry continues to struggle, gone are the days of big money big production music videos.

Real Pearl Jam fans were not even allowed in during the filming of the video. All those people in the "crowd" are hired "fans". Pearl Jam finally makes a video after years of refusing to and dont even use their real fans in it, yet they claim to have such a strong connection to their fans. This video will be used by Target for the ad campaign for the new album Backspacer. What would Pearl Jam of 15 years ago think of the hypocritical Pearl Jam of today ?