Monsters Of Pop show opening August 11 at Gallery 1988 LA

"Freddy's Mishap" by Kiersten Essenpreis might be my favorite yet. Kiersten did an entire series with her take on classic monsters and in this one, Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy may have over extended himself a little. Look for her takes on Hitchcock's Birds, the Haunted House, Medusa and the Bad Seed. Pretty cool.

In what has to be the saddest coincidence in gallery history, Dave MacDowell pays tribute to the late John Hughes, a writer/director that not only was always one of my favorites, but also helped shape my generation. This is Dave's take on Edward Hooper's "Nighthawks," replacing the gloomy Diner inhabitants with the cast of the Brat Pack classic "The Breakfast Club." After the untimely passing of Hughes last week, it captures the magic of The Breakfast Club, and pays tribute to one of the best. Awesome.

Remember, this and more at "Monsters of POP!" Opening Tuesday night, August 11st, 7-10 PM at G1988: LA.

"Monsters of POP!" opening this coming Tuesday, August 11th, featuring the work of Kiersten Essenpreis, Brandon Bird, Dave MacDowell and Netherland. Here are two sneak peaks at the 4-person exhibition.