Tonights Pearl Jam poster from Calgary Virgin Fest

Nice looking poster for Pearl Jams show tonight at the Virgin Festival in Calgary. Picture of the merchandise they selling on tour also.

Looks like Ames Bros did the poster. Much better looking then the last bunch they did.



Why Go, All Night, Dissident, The Fixer, Got Some, Severed Hand, Sad, Unemployable, Even Flow, Rats, Save You, Given To Fly, Daughter/WMA*, Down, Small Town, Do The Evolution, Alive

Encore: Betterman, Brother, Black/Improv, Spin The Black Circle

2nd Encore: Crazy Mary, The Real Me, Yellow Ledbetter



- Ed asks the crowd to take care of each other due to the intense crowd surfing, "Watch out for your neighbor...ok?"
- Great crowd energy
- *"White Male Canadian" tag during Daughter
- After Down, Ed comments: "This is Virgin Fest and there is not a Jonas Brother in sight"
- Ed returns for the encore nursing a Corona, but tells the crowd he'd prefer a Canadian beer instead
- Ed tells the crowd he'd give them all "Olympic Platinum" - a play on the venue name, not the song
- Ed got through about 90% of the lyrics in Brother, and mentioned he believes it's the 1st time the song has been played live (incorrect, played just once before on 02/07/91)
- Ed returns for the 2nd encore and tells the crowd they are ignoring the curfew
- Boom is all over Crazy Mary