I am, therefor I think 3 @ Goodfoot

"I am, therefor I think 3"
around a 100 artist
The Goodfoot
opens Last Thurs Sept 24th up until Oct 26th.
"I am, therefor I think 3" at the goodfoot. It's part illustrative memoir, part social commentary. The work displays imagery any were from praying to beer to genetic engineering. There are around a 100 artists with over 300 works, and a varied of mediums (etching, painting, mixed media, photography, etc). Opens Last Thursday, Sept 24th from 5-11pm, show up until Oct 26th.

Adam Ciresi
Adam Ross
Anna Todaro
Ashley Costa
Ben Wilson
Brad Klausen
Brandon Wilkinson
Brent Houzenga
Brett Superstar
Casey Rae Wickum
Chris Haberman
Dan McCarthy
Dan Ness
Dane Eisenbart
David Stein
Derek Olsen
Erin Nations
Gary Houston
Guy Burwell
Heidi Elise Wirz
Hunter Armstrong
Icky A.
J. Shea
Jacquelyn Bond
James Wood
Jason Brown
Jason Grahm
Jason Wells
Jeremy e Schultz
Jesse Reno
Joe Koehn
Joel Barber
John Graeter
John Howard
John Wray
Johnny Tragedy
Jonathon Hill-Jacquard
Jon-Paul Bail
Keenan Havens
Keith Rosson
Kevin Darras
Lana Guerra
Larry Christensen
Larry Cyr
Lee Zeman
Leia Bell
Mario Robert
Mark Randall
Matt Schlosky
Michael Frank
Michelle Holley
Mike fields
Mike Klay
Mike McGovern
Mike Washburn
Nate Luna
New Colony
Nic Laurance
Pete Yahnke
Randal Patriquin
Richard Jule
Rob Jones
Robert Pellicer
Roger Peet
Roscoe Hall III
Rose Guilfoyle
Ryan Bodiroga
Samuel Policar
Shane de Leon
Summer Hatfield
Tanisha Caravello
The Love Movement
Todd Walberg
Tom Keating
Tripper Dungan iii
Zach Baltzly

You can view and purchase art from the entire show after Sun, Sept 27th
Current show is there now.

The goodfoot
2845 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97214
open daily 5-2:30