From Burlesque of North America

It's finally here! We're happy to present the art print based on Todd Bratrud's cover artwork for the latest issue of Clout Magazine. Todd has been on roll lately with the highly-detailed illustrations of lizard ladies, and this venomous vixen is covered top to bottom with Too $hort tattoos. We approve!

Each poster order will come with a FREE issue of Clout Magazine which contains a big feature on Todd's art (and iChat addiction) as well as Bay Area rap legend Too $hort, Life Sucks Die interview alumni graffiti writer Geso, and much more. What a deal!

18 x 24", 10 color print on Cougar white paper

$30 + $10 shipping in the US / $15 international
For Japan orders, email

On sale
Thursday, September 3 at 2:00pm Central time.