Wilderness 1 Print from Ian MIllard on sale today

From Ian:

I am pleased to introduce my latest print titled, "Wilderness 1". Wilderness 1 was created using 8 hand cut stencils and Montana Gold Spraypaint. The print is 18"x24" and each one is hand sprayed on Strathmore Bristol paper. Wilderness 1 has an edition of 25 prints each with unique sky colors and slight color variations in the rest of the print. As with most of my print releases, you will be able to choose which sky color you would like for your print. Wilderness 1 will be available later today at 4pm Mountain Time USA for $75 shipped at

You can check out the new print here:http://www.iansprints.com/wilderness1.php
The Wilderness 1 stencil piece was adapted from a photograph I took on a recent 3 day back country camping trip near Vail, Colorado. The picture used for Wilderness 1 was taken at the end of a 16 mile loop at Piney Lake.