Obey Giant - New Stuff

Poster for show in Cincinnati only available there.

Definitely good for a a comic tour poster, like Tyler Stout's Flight of the Conchords work.
Sold out here 

Collaboration with Shepard Fairey, Cleon Peterson and Casey Ryder.
For Artists for Peace and Justice.  All proceeds go to Haiti.

If you're a Steven Colbert fan, download the printable pdf here.

Collaboration with Ernesto Yerena, available here.

Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant seems to be doing work for not-so-typical clients lately; the Henry Rollins and Stephen Colbert prints definitely surprised me.  I can't say much about how much Goodness is in those posters (I doubt that the colbert one was actually touched by Shepard's hand...looks like something you could draft up in Illustrator...while forgetting completely about the type).  However, the typography and geometry is VERY appealing in the first one, and I hope that's not arguable.  See more OBEY in our previous posts.