Alamo Drafthouse Iron Man 2 posters by Tyler Stout, Jesse Philips & Mike Saputo

6-color screenprint for Iron Man 2 illustrated by Mike Saputo.
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Amazing Iron Man 2 poster by Jesse Philips.
Really ties together the film to the style of its comic book roots.
Could just as easily be a sweet cover for a Marvel issue.

Alternate print version of Jesse Philips' amazing Iron Man 2 poster

 Impressive, complex and edgy as usual, Tyler Stout's Ironman II poster is an item with a high demand.

 Alternate print of the Iron Man II poster by Tyler Stout

Poster illustration and screenprinting superstars Tyler Stout, Jesse Philips and Mike Saputo created a few posters for The Alamo Drafthouse to commemorate the Iron Man II premiere.  A quick glance of admiration at the amazingness of each poster can tell you that these did not stay on the shelves very long.

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