Amazing Movie Poster Remakes and Flyers by Strong Stuff

Strong Stuff, aka Tom Whalen, has an incredible portfolio of poster designs and illustrations on his DeviantArt.  From classic films to sci-fi flicks to comic books, Tom Whalen really pulls awesome redesigns and remakes.  Also check out Strong Stuff's website for more.  

A fantastic execution of a classic perspective and a classic scene from The Shining.

Poster for Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Captain America illustration

This has to be the most tasteful wrestling poster I've set my eyes on.  Who knew Hulk Hogan and the Wrestle Mania could look so good?

Nice and clean remake of The Fly movie poster

What a terrific illustration of Burt Reynolds in this poster remake for Nobody the Idiot

StrongStuff's Star Wars Trilogy posters are also very eye catching.  Great selection of colors, the characters done in his very unique style.

Illustrated poster for The Warriors

Aliens movie poster

Whalen's internet-famous gig poster for Flight of the Conchords

House of 1000 corpses movie poster remake

Weird Al Yankovic has never looked so groovy as he's illustrated in this poster.

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Strong Stuff DeviantArt


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